The Lewis Miller Flower Flash Box
The Lewis Miller Flower Flash Box
The Lewis Miller Flower Flash Box
The Lewis Miller Flower Flash Box

The Lewis Miller Flower Flash Box

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  • Edition of 275.
  • Price includes free delivery, anywhere in the United States. 
  • Once you complete your purchase, a link will be emailed to you with a series of instructional videos taught by Lewis Miller.
  • A portion of the proceeds from this box will be donated to United Way of New York City, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our fellow New Yorkers.

Introducing the Flower Flash Box, Gemstone Edition!! Lewis has hand picked a bundle of the most gorgeous and seasonal blooms direct from our growers in Holland. This box includes rich jewel-toned flowers in shades of ruby, sapphire and aquamarine. If you can’t go outside to enjoy Spring, we will bring Spring to you!! Included with your box of fresh flowers is a link accessing a series of short instructional videos taught by Lewis Miller. You will learn how to clean and hydrate your flowers and create a variety of arrangements for your home, a centerpiece for your coffee table, a bedside arrangement, even a bud vase for your neighbor.

Flower Flash Box includes:

  • 10 Stems Command Performance Red Peonies
  • 5   Stems Monsieur Jules Peony
  • 20 Stems Be Atlantis Delphinium
  • 20 Stems Blue Star Hyacinths
  • 20 Stems Red Lion Tulips
    On rare occasions, small floral substitutions may be made. We work closely with our team in Holland to make sure that any substitutions provide comparable variety and quality to the original stems. 

    A message regarding the shipping of products during the Covid-19 pandemic:

    There are strict guide lines set during this pandemic, no one with cold or flu symptoms can work on the flower farms. Only those that physically have to pack the boxes and transport them to the airport come to work, the rest works digitally. Those that do have to come to work have to take all the recommended precautions during handling the product, like wearing gloves/washing hands, and socially distancing themselves from others. Having written all of this, be safe and spray the outside of the box with disinfectant as I imagine we all are doing with deliveries from Amazon, and the like…

    For questions or concerns regarding you order please email